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Solar Pump Inverter


  •  Built-in MPPT solar charger

  •  Supports three-phase motor

  •  Compatible to utility or generator input

  •  Built-in full protection and self-diagnosis

  •  Soft start function prevents water hammer effect and extends system lifecycle

  •  Comprehensive LCD and LEDs display real-time system status

  •  Remote monitoring through RS-485

ALKA-Z1 is a solar inverter which allows power to be switched from the DC power obtained from solar panels to the AC power needed to control the pump. This solar inverter is also accepted manually from the grid or 3-phase generator when solar power is not efficient. With the renewable solar inverter, pumps can adapt to solar power sources rather than traditional electrical supplies or generators. This solar inverter is built-in with MPPT solar charger to maximize solar power. Besides, it is easy to install with low maintenance cost. It becomes an eco-friendly solution for the rural areas where grid power is expensive and unreliable

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